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Horace Stevenson III’s impressive drive and ability to juggle multiple tasks while still maintaining a creative and ambitious mindset make him the perfect candidate to develop a mixed-use real estate development in Oklahoma City called Project Lindsay. Although he is currently a highly skilled hairstylist with an extensive resume that includes working with internationally respected salons and major TV/film productions, Horace has always been eager to expand his horizons.

Despite having established himself as a prominent hair colorist at renowned salons like Frederic Fekkai, Horace has also made a name for himself in the world of television and movie production. He has worked on set for major network shows and marquee cable programs, and he has recently completed work on the movie For the Love of Money, as well as being part of the hair stylist team for the upcoming Kurt Warner biopic, American Underdog. This shows his versatility in working in different industries and his ability to adapt to various environments.

Furthermore, Horace’s experience in owning and operating a boutique salon & beauty bar in Oklahoma City’s thriving Capitol District, together with his wife who is an expert makeup artist, demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. This experience positions him perfectly to develop a mixed-use real estate development like Project Lindsay, which would require both creative and managerial skills.

Finally, Horace’s relentless work ethic and dedication to excellence, passed down to him from his family, make him a valuable asset in any project. With his beauty-themed podcast, Temple&Soul, in the works and future plans to expand his influence in the realm of editorial and movie production, Horace’s potential for success is limitless.

Julian Armstrong is the founder and CEO of Blue Ink Equity Partners, a real estate investment firm that provides a range of services to help clients maximize their return on real estate investments. Julian’s passion for real estate began in his humble beginnings, and he has since become a skilled real estate investor and expert in his field.

With a focus on ground-up projects, consulting, and coaching, Julian and his team at Blue Ink Equity Partners offer a wide range of real estate investment advisory services. These services include capital raising, due diligence and site risk analysis, dealings with developers, contractors, and local authorities, as well as real estate strategy advisory services to help businesses develop comprehensive solutions to maximize short and long-term returns.

In addition, Blue Ink Equity Partners offers real estate financial planning services, providing guidance on spending and investment decisions related to real estate investments. Julian and his team determine an individual’s or entity’s current financial status and use an asset map to provide a comprehensive overview of the client’s current financial standing, allowing them to determine the role that real estate plays in their portfolio.

Julian and his team at Blue Ink Equity Partners work with clients from all walks of life, including professionals with “no time to spare” when it comes to real estate investing, as well as motivated entrepreneurs ready to scale their portfolio to the next level. With their business advisory services geared towards the real estate industry, Julian and his team provide the stepping stone to funding clients’ real estate journeys and providing the ongoing capitalization to scale their portfolios ten-fold and beyond.

Denise Armstrong is a seasoned business strategist and funding expert with over 10 years of experience in the financial industry. In 2016, she founded 1st Approved Financial, a company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their financial potential. With a mission to empower people, Ms. Armstrong understands that credit is the foundation of financial success. Ms. Armstrong began her career in the financial industry while pursuing a BA in Psychology Political Science at Arkansas State University. During her second year of college, she worked for JP Morgan Chase, where she gained valuable insights into how banks assess credit and make approval decisions. It was at that moment that she realized her passion for helping people improve their financial future, starting with their credit.

Since founding 1st Approved Financial, Ms. Armstrong has helped numerous individuals and businesses secure funding for their dreams. Her expertise in business strategy and funding has enabled her to act as a bridge between her clients and their financial goals, whether it’s securing a loan to purchase a car, building a dream home, or establishing a new business. Ms. Armstrong is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals and realize their full financial potential.

Harlan Victor, Jr is a highly successful CEO and Design & Construction Manager for VLP Alliance, LLC. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, he has become a well-respected expert in the field of Design Engineering and Construction. Throughout his career, he has achieved several merits and awards for his innovative actions and cost-efficient product performances. 

Harlan has a wealth of experience in Process Improvement, systems engineering, and scheduling. His professional development has focused specifically on Land Development, which includes cumulative marketing studies for housing and construction management. Harlan is known for his focus on accuracy and quality design, as well as construction value engineering. It is this vision that has propelled him to the top of his profession and allowed him to achieve such great success. 

With his strong expertise in both design engineering and construction management, Harlan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project he undertakes. His ability to innovate and find new solutions has made him a respected leader in the industry, and his focus on quality and value has made him a formidable force in the workplace. Harlan is truly a remarkable individual, and his dedication to excellence and success is an inspiration to all who work with him.

Marcus S. Hobbs is a highly respected Architectural Design Consultant with a wealth of experience in the field. With over 12 years of experience, Mr. Hobbs has proven himself to be a performance-driven designer who delivers efficient, creative, and detailed project developments. He is a professional who blends analytical and innovative designs to create outstanding results that impress both customers and teams alike.

Mr. Hobbs is known for being a skilled manager of multiple commercial development projects that involve extensive research and team planning. He has a knack for assessing both the customer and team vantage points, which enables him to come up with cost-effective solutions for each project. His dedication and devotion to his work have made a significant impact on the business community in a positive way.

Overall, Mr. Hobbs is a design consultant who has set himself apart from the competition in the industry. His excellent project design, organization, and coordination skills have enabled him to deliver results that exceed expectations, and his reputation precedes him as an outstanding professional in the field.

Nyesha Veal is a driven and accomplished business executive with over 13 years of experience in accounting. As the current Chief Operating Officer and Accountant for Veal’s Business Solutions, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, she is well-positioned to help small companies with bookkeeping, process building, and leadership consulting. 

Nyesha has always had a passion for education and ensuring that children receive the resources needed to receive a quality education. With almost a decade of finance experience in Louisiana schools, Nyesha’s unique understanding of municipal, state, and federal funding has helped her become a true champion for black and brown children. As the Comptroller for the Orleans Parish School district, Nyesha has dedicated her career to ensuring that every student has what they need to succeed.

But Nyesha’s expertise goes beyond finance and education. As a leadership consultant, she helps individuals new to management and leadership roles to develop and refine their skills. Her commitment to guiding young professionals has made her a respected and sought-after mentor in her field.

Overall, Nyesha is a dynamic leader with a proven track record of success. Her extensive experience in finance, education, and management makes her a valuable asset to any organization.