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elegance within reach

Welcome to Project Lindsay, an urban community in the heart of Oklahoma City that embodies the spirit of the city and its residents. This website is your window into the development of this exciting new community and the progress of its phases of development. As you follow along, you’ll see the transformation of our parcels into a cohesive park-like, vibrant and thriving community.

ingenuity & flexibility create the perfect lifestyle

Designed with the evolving needs of the local demographic in mind, Project Lindsay features both mixed-use and residential communities with a modern industrial flair that is both chic and elegant.

The emphasis is on reducing the cost of ownership for homebuyers and fostering a lifestyle that incorporates music and local heritage. With breathtaking views of the courtyards, gardens, and a blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, residents will be able to connect with the local community and culture making everything within Project Lindsay their own.

A Ground-Floor Opportunity

This website will continue to evolve as the project progresses, becoming a direct-to-consumer marketing tool for the new community and its residents. The website will feature information about the community, its amenities, and the homes themselves, giving prospective tenants and homeowners a glimpse into their future lifestyle. It will be your go-to resource for all things Project Lindsay.

Re-imagining luxury

For investors, this website will also serve as an “investor portal” that provides updates on the project’s progress and highlights key milestones. As the project moves forward and expands, the website will be your source of information and an opportunity to see the impact of your investment in real time. Whether you are an individual investor or a financial institution, you can have confidence in the success of Project Lindsay.

a lifestyle built by creative culture & true heritage

This project offers the perfect solution for the growing demand for "missing middle" housing, and its prime location between a major thoroughfare and the surrounding commercial area makes it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a well-connected, convenient, yet peaceful lifestyle. You'll find yourself right in the heart of the action, yet tucked away in your own little oasis of tranquility.

So sit back, relax, and let the journey begin. As Project Lindsay takes shape, watch this website grow and morph into the ultimate destination for those who want to be part of a thriving, dynamic community in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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